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Custom-made lasts

Every shoe technician knows that right shape lasts are essential for producing superior fitting, comfortable shoes. The development of new lasts is a highly skilled craft. Its success depends upon the model maker’s eye and experience to obtain the required look for the product, and on his knowledge of fittings and measures.

Therefore we pay a special attention to the last development competence, constantly invest into technicians’ skills and new CAD-CAM technologies.

Individual hand-made lasts Individual hand-made lasts

The lasts are made according to individual patient’s blueprints and girths measurements by adjusting a pair from our orthopaedic lasts library that most resembles the contours of patient’s feet. Beech or hornbeam wood is used. This job is done only by the best our masters.

For feet with highly complicated orthopaedic problems handmade synthetic lasts are produced. The shape of foot is obtained by filling the plaster and the ‘quick socks’ that copy a patient foot and is already adjusted by an orthopaedic technician.

Individual CAD CAM lasts

Individual CAD CAM lastsIf digital data of patient’s feet or lasts are received, 3D CAD/CAM technology for lasts production is used. 3D foot is transformed into a digital last much faster than it is possible by hand. Accurate measurements of the foot and design soft tools allow to tailor the last shape precisely and to control the final result.

Digital last model is sent to our 5-axis milling machine. The lasts are made from laminated birch wood and are manually inspected in their final stage of production.

Consequently, CAD CAM technology let us produce lasts more accurately and faster what means lower costs for us and lower price for a customer. Furthermore a customer can save money and time remarkably on transportation of plasters.

We offer the following services to our customers:

  • 3D CAD lasts modelling and production using 3D and 2D foot scan data
  • 3D CAD lasts modelling and production using 3D “quick socks” scans and blue-prints
  • 3D CAD lasts duplication and adjustment using lasts scans