Welcome to Ortho Baltic! We develop & produce high quality custom-made products for foot with focus on individual orthopaedic footwear and pre-preg orthoses
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Pre-preg stiffeners

Our competence in custom-made orthopaedic footwear and pre-preg technology let us develop a unique group of products, custom-made pre-preg carbon fibre stiffeners for footwear.

Any shape, rigid or flexibility in needed places can be obtained. Such stiffeners perfectly meet all functions that are often required for individual orthopaedic shoes and orthotics. Additionally, pre-preg footplates provide a “spring” effect when walking.

Besides excellent functional properties, these stiffeners have all advantages of pre-preg items that no way can be obtained by using traditional techniques. Pre-preg stiffeners are very thin (less than 2 mm) and 4 times lighter than usual items. Mounted into shoes pre-preg stiffeners are not perceived, so a patient enjoys their excellent functions.