Welcome to Ortho Baltic! We develop & produce high quality custom-made products for foot with focus on individual orthopaedic footwear and pre-preg orthoses
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There is no limit for fantasy when drawing a sketch of custom-made uppers. Original design can be supported by a unique combination of colours from 100-leather range and wide variety of accessories. An upper model can be chosen from our footwear catalogue or can be made according to customer‘s specification or a sketch. Our modellers, pattern-makers and sewers will implement it with big accuracy and style.

UppersIf we have digital lasts, CAD/CAM technology is used for developing and production of uppers.

A sketch is put on the digital lasts.

Later the model is converted to the patterns. The technology let us produce the uppers more quickly and faithfully to the original design concept.

UppersOur leather range consists only of top-quality leathers. To match up with the different tastes and requirements of a customer, leather varies in thickness, shine and softness. Special soft articles are offered for diabetic foot and stretch materials for rheumatic patients.