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3D Foot Scanner easy-foot-scan captures 3D foot / shoe last shape with the use of 4 laser projectors and 8 video cameras, providing high resolution in high speed. 3D data is acquired in several directions at once in just a few seconds.

The main advantages of the device are:

  • Fast data capture and processing. It is easy for a patient to keep stable position all time during scanning
  • Capture of 3D and 2D foot measurement information. Now traditionally two stages of feet data capture shrink to one short process more convenient for a patient and time saving for a technician
  • High precision-max accuracy of 0,5 mm on any foot measurement. So accurate foot image and girth measures ensure correct lasts modelling and perfect fitting of shoes
  • Insensitivity to ambient light. Foot stays open when scanning, the stance of the patient can be controlled
  • Compatibility with all major CAD/ CAM systems lets to use any open modelling software and milling facility

Usage of easy foot scan:

  • Scanning of patient feet
  • Scanning of quick socks, blueprints and imprints when it is needed to serve a patient not in a clinic but in a distance. A quick sock can be scanned as well in cases when a foot needs some corrections
  • High quality lasts scanning
  • Scanning any three-dimensional form no bigger than 400*200*180 mm