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Prefabricated footplates

Prefabricated footplate FP02-S

Prefabricated FP 02-S is a rigid foot plate from pre-preg carbon fibre, which can be used even with the ordinary footwear. Due to its specific design, FP 02-S stabilizes the foot part and uniformly distributes the pressure on the foot during the stride without adding the extra weight to the shoes and requiring extra space inside. The bottom part is constructed to fit well in the footwear, having 10 to 20mm heel height.

This type of rigid footplates is mainly used for diabetics or upon treatment of the metatarsal bone, hucklebone fracture, during the post-operation period after foot surgery (e.g. hallux-valgus) or toe part amputations, etc.

Currently offered products for this purpose are made from plastic, steel or thermoplastic carbon fibre. In comparison, our solution has several advantages – it is much lighter (approx 40 gr/piece) and thinner (1.8mm) than any of the above, while offering the same or even better properties. The most important advantage of the carbon fibre products is the energy return effect, obtained during technological process, which ease up walking. Also, as it is made from pure carbon fibre, it is considerably less prone to the fatigue effect than steel or plastic and therefore provides much better durability.

In case the patients’ feet require special support (e.g. pronation or supination), the footplate can be finished by simply covering it with self-adhesive material or using it as basis for the individual insole production by adding different parts and layers of synthetic materials - in any case the result will be rigid, thin and functional insole.