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Ortho Baltic recently had the intern

Ortho Baltic recently had the intern

Ortho Baltic recently had intern Mariska Blankenstijn from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands, who spent here four weeks. `I came here in the third year of my studies of orthopaedic technology. Ortho Baltic, as it is an all-round company, made a good impression on me. Next to orthopaedic shoes this company makes orthoses; the combination of orthoses in orthopaedic shoes is also one of the possibilities`.

Mariska was very happy with welcome from the company and the experience she gained here. `They tried to show me everything that I asked to be taught at the beginning of my internship and they succeeded really well. The people in production, who showed me their work, taught me a lot.  Even though communication was sometimes difficult because of language differences, I could always ask my questions and people explained how and why they did things in a certain way`.

`I think it is a great opportunity to come for an internship to Ortho Baltic and gain an experience. I would recommend students who are interested in orthopaedic shoes and the combination of orthopaedic shoes and orthoses to come to this company. Also for students who are interested in a Pre-Preg technology I would recommend to come to Ortho Baltic. However, I think it is very important for students to be able to speak English if they really want to gain experience and to get great internship. I have been able to learn a lot about the different aspects of the orthopaedic world and I am very grateful to the Ortho Baltic company for making this possible`, said intern Mariska Blankenstijn.